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Waterfall in nature

Guided Breathwork

When we breathe, we receive a primordial medicine that has been handed down as a gift from life to all living beings.

Respiration is foundational to being in physical form and when we breathe with intention to create sacred space, to commune with spirit, we receive a gift greater than we can possibly ask for or imagine.


We are given the keys to our own unlocking.

We remember how to surrender

and trust ourselves, the breath, life, spirit, and source unconditionally.


We receive the gift of remembering that all of us have within us. There is no being to which we are unconnected. We are all United in breath.

Why We Breathe Together

Grow with Deep Presence

Move through fear, resistance, guilt, shame, and anything that is between you and your dreams.

Release the stories and identities that are no longer relevant to who you are. 


Feel, release, and return to your natural vibration, coming home to Spirit.  Source.  Breath.

Grow your capacity to move though intense emotional and energy experiences.

Curated Heroes’ Journeys

Depart your ordinary reality.

Ground your connection with Spirit.

Meet your guidance and the light within.

Grow your connection to your Intuition.

Receive profound visions & messages.

Potent Manifestation Portal

Breathe Life into your Manifestation Practices by sharing in collective prayer space.


Experience yourself, reality, and life as malleable waves of vibration.   

Align your inside world to shift your outside world. 

Group Ceremony

Join a community that cultivates grounded spiritual growth, and heart centered intuition by the ways we come together

Be witnessed in your beauty, creation, magic, and breakthroughs.

Create Relationships that last a Lifetime.

Upcoming Offerings