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Are you ready to become a conscious creator of your life?
To truly embody the fullness of your spirit?
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+ Create your Dream Life
+ Embody your Magic

+ Return to The Source Code
+ Release your Conditioned-Self

+ Build Intimacy, Trust, & Connection
+ Develop your Daily Practices
+ Expand your Community
Be infinitely and unconditionally seen, supported, & guided throughout this journey into spiritual maturity.
Image by Daniel Mirlea


Shift from externally seeking to being
that you celebrate ALL that YOU ARE.
Image by Daniel Mirlea

Does this Sound Familiar?

You are a soul-centered wayshower, ready to step into your power and activate your gifts to create the world you know is possible.
You are seeking alignment with your higher self & calling in intuitive clarity.
You are ready to make bold moves beyond what is comfortable and familiar to create the reality you most desire.
You avoid certain areas of knowledge and growth and you can see it's been holding you back.

You are empathically supporting the people around you even when it's depleting you.
You are ready to move through anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, fear, and self-criticism.
You hear the call from the universe that the time for action is now and you are ready to respond. 

How You'll Evolve

The Creative Living Way

Be infinitely and unconditionally seen, supported, & guided throughout this journey into spiritual maturity.

Soul Coaching & Reflecting

Rewrite the story you are living.  The heart of truth within you is your key to manifestation.


Direct experience of your unique vibration of heart-centered source consciousness.  We are all United in breath.

Guided Meditations

Channeled Journeys re-source and connect us to the creator within.  Activate and channel divine light.

Voice & Sound

Activate the codex for your voice to be your channel to create with effective magnetism and power.

Human Design

Embody your original blueprint for bringing your Soul Magic into alignment with your mission.

Integrative Massage

Physical integration with your energetic and psychic senses.  Deeply nourishing and clearing the mind body and soul.

What You'll Receive

1:1 Sessions (Zoom or In Person)

To unravel, grow, and evolve in your Soul journey of anchoring your Intuitive Magic into your life.


2 Private Ceremonies / Month

  • 1 Deep Journeying Session (2-3 hr)

    • For holistic healing, attunement and activation of your unique abilities.

    • Includes Breathwork, Meditation, Light Language and/or Sound.

    • In-person sessions may include Integrative Release through Massage.


  • 1 Activation & Integration Session (2 hr)

    • Conscious Creator Coaching

    • Spiritual/Psychic Development Toolbelt for daily practice

1 Human Design Reading

To plug you directly into your energy blueprint and what you're here in this life to do. (This will be one of your first Activation & Integration Sessions.)

Crystal Clear, personalized Action Steps

To support you in between our sessions together. ​​

Bespoke Program Design - Tailored to Your Unique Gifts and Soul Path

Depending on where you are currently and where you want to be, I'll recommend the ideal length of mentorship (6-9 months). 


Full access to my Creative Living community

  • Attend monthly breathwork and meditation offerings

  • Connection to a loving support network that celebrates your wholeness


First opportunity to register for my more selective group offerings

Schedule Now

How this Flows


Ready to jump in?

Schedule your 1st session below.


In your first session we'll explore what you want to create by stepping into this journey of Evolution.


At the end of this 1st session you'll have the opportunity to feel into this alignment and give your Sacred Yes.