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Creative Living is

an opportunity to step into deep partnership with yourself.


Remember WHY you CAME HERE.
Remember WHAT you’ve ALWAYS KNOWN.
Embody YOUR unique SOUL MAGIC. 


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Hi, I'm Spencer

Your co-creator in Creative Living

My mission is to empower the Human Family to channel our magic from the stars & earth. To playfully shift our world into the vibration of Unconditional Love. 


I am an intuitive channel that harnesses my expertise in reflective coaching and energy healing to help you step into and embody your Soul Magic. 

After running from my gifts & trying to acquire my way to the top, I found my true power lies within.  I emerged from a Dark Night of the Soul into Creative Living... Inspired to find & connect with others who are living by heart-centered intuitive alignment. Having walked the path of Self-Initiation, I have created my own living proof of why I do this work.  As we embody our Soul Magic and align to the vibration of Unconditional Love, we dispel fear and rapidly manifests Heaven on Earth.

I Imagine a world where everyone is given the tools and support to step into their Soul magic. I see heart-centered communities weaving beautiful dreams into loving realities.  

Welcome to Creative Living.  

A Holistic 1:1 Soul Coaching Experience

Ignite your Evolution

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Shift from externally seeking
to being SO IN LOVE with your WHOLE EXPERIENCE
that you celebrate ALL that YOU ARE.
+ Create your Dream Life
+ Embody your Magic

+ Return to The Source Code
+ Release your Conditioned-Self

+ Build Intimacy, Trust, & Connection
+ Develop your Daily Practices
+ Expand your Community
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"Become a conscious creator of your life."


Already WITHIN, asking YOU to LISTEN.

Spencer helps people tune into their core. Our sessions touched on areas in my life that I had not been in tune with for years. His ability to stay on task with what was coming up for me was exactly what I needed to stay grounded and move forward. The tools and resources gave me solid work inbetween sessions.

- Michele Salas

When we set an intention for something and ask for it, it can show up very fast. It is easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and forget to focus on what we want and how we can achieve it. The system Spencer developed allows us to become clear on what we want and bring those things into our lives.

- Trevor Mayer

Spencer has been a rock to support my achievement and growth.  He’s helped me channel my strengths and develop pathways to expand beyond what I previously thought was possible.  I’ve seen tremendous results in my life and business.

- Matthew Jensen

Through deep relationship to your innate connection with breath, sound, & truth

– as medicine.

The Creative Living Way

Be infinitely and unconditionally seen, supported, & guided throughout this journey into spiritual maturity.

Soul Coaching & Reflecting

Rewrite the story you are living.  The heart of truth within you is your key to manifestation.

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Direct experience of your unique vibration of heart-centered source consciousness.  We are all United in breath.

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Guided Meditations

Channeled Journeys re-source and connect us to the creator within.  Activate and channel divine light.

sound mandala

Voice & Sound

Activate the codex for your voice to be your channel to create with effective magnetism and power.


Human Design

Embody your original blueprint for bringing your Soul Magic into alignment with your mission.

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Integrative Massage

Physical integration with your energetic and psychic senses.  Deeply nourishing and clearing the mind body and soul.

Join Community Offerings

Group Ceremony cultivates relationships that last a lifetime with people who feel like family.

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Benefits of

Guided Breathwork & Meditation