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Hi, I'm Spencer


My Mission

I harness my expertise in reflective coaching, intuitive channeling, and energy healing to help you embody your Soul Magic.  


Through Self-Initiation, I have created my own living proof of why I do this work.   I see the people I'm closest to being at the center of profound healing and raising everybody up.  


My mission is to empower the Human Family to channel our magic from the stars and earth and playfully shift our world into the vibration of Unconditional Love. 

Through Conscious Creator Coaching, and Deep Shamanic Journeys in Meditation, Sound, Light Language, and Hands-on Healing I guide the evolution of individuals and groups to step into their Magic and share their Intuitive gifts.

I Imagine a world where everyone is given the tools and support to step into their Soul magic.

My Journey

I remember looking down at Gaia as a soul floating in space with my Soul Family full of wonder and joy. My first memories as Spencer include doing intuitive energy work and being a channel of Universal knowledge before I shut all that down.

The Call to Wake Up

After running from my gifts and trying to acquire my way to the top, I found my true power lies within.


My gifts came back online during a weekend seminar, and later at festivals and raves, through psychedelic experiences, massage, and travel. I gradually came out of the closet.


I work in all dimensions of reality, being the mirror and witness of who you really are - a divine creator with the ability and resources to create Heaven on Earth.  I have a way of getting to the bottom of whatever's going on with you, such that we deal with whatever has been holding you back and keeping you stuck. 


I've embraced soul coaching as a psychic intuitive, energy healer and I'm here to nurture you into expressing your intuitive and magical abilities.  Creating the life of your dreams, thriving, and evolving into spiritual maturity within a network of support that feels like family.
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My journey is a wild ride of releasing into the flow.  Having honed my intuitive abilities, I pivoted from a skyrocketing career in China, creating iconic brands and businesses. 

This led to healing myself from Fibromyalgia and chronic illnesses that are not usually recovered from.  I integrated my energetic and psychic self with my logical and mental realms. This brought balance to my life and creativity to a whole new level.

I facilitate moving through lifetimes and generations of conditioning to release into the remembrance of who you are and how you came here to serve.  True devotion to your Soul's Mission is a surrender into Life's natural flow.  You don't have to do it alone.

Learning to Trust the Flow
Through breathwork, I discovered that the universe is at my fingertips through the direct mystical experiences it can produce. 

I remembered my gifts. 
I remembered who I am. 
I remembered how to grow and evolve.

Breathwork & Community

I discovered breathwork During my Dark Night of the Soul.  I found my Soul Family at a festival and they spontaneously invited me to a Breathwork Ceremony at their house.

The living intelligence of breath guided me through deep inner work and gave me personalized mystical experiences that confirmed everything I was struggling to accept about myself. I surrendered lifetimes and generations of baggage. I walked through fear and doubt.

By sharing these experiences in community, I realized that I wasn’t alone.

Through this journey, I healed myself of all the chronic diseases I’ve suffered from.

I’ve overcome the doubt, the fear, and surrendered into unconditional love, to express the joy that flows freely from my innermost being.  To be a space for others to discover within themselves the path to freedom.  
Shifting to Seeking Internally

Initially I got into meditation to calm down and get through jobs and choices that didn’t resonate with who I be.  I discovered that there is immense potential for these practices to bring alignment and attune us to the creative and destructive forces of the Universe. 

​Any kind of discordant vibration may be amplified and worked with to be healed through these spaces.

As it exists within and outside of us, everything in Life is a mirror for everything else.  Anything you are experiencing as a phenomenon outside of yourself, also lies within. 


Sometimes we are unable to move through challenges outside of ourselves, but there is always the Universe within, the innermost experiences that shift our inner and outer world.

Embodying my Life's Purpose

Going through these experiences myself, many people told me how much I’d helped them as a mirror to find their own solutions. Sharing my gifts and psychic abilities openly, my clients began to step into their own gifts and be bold with their intuition.

I honed my intuitive and psychic abilities by being a space for others to find their own path to freedom.


Through Conscious Creator Coaching, and Deep Shamanic Journeys in Meditation, Sound, Light Language, and Hands-on Healing I guide the evolution of individuals and groups to step into their Magic and share their Intuitive gifts.


My Clients Say​

sri yantra_edited.png

Trevor M

If you are looking for guidance around getting in touch with who you really are this is the place for you.


Brookelyn W

I want to thank you for all that you do and for opening my eyes up to my self-worth and self-love within myself. You're a gift from the universe.


Elizabeth S

Spencer’s heart in conversations encourages deep levels of self-acceptance and supports your natural way of being, to harness your power in navigating life.

How they find me?

By word of mouth, referral, or “bumping into me” at community events.

It’s that unmistakable soul resonance that’s crystal clear we have something to do together.


What's in common?

They want to step "out of the closet" to bring their magic to more areas of life – like work and relationships. Life is most rewarding when they are in their magic and it’s draining when they aren’t.

They are on a path of self-initiation, and not looking for a Guru or group to give them permission. I am a mirror and witness for discovering the path yourself. I serve from my own embodied knowledge and experience to meet whatever’s coming up in life as medicine. I create space to move through the fear, shadows, and challenges along the way with grace and power.


As they Ascend in Life, they learn to trust in the flow of life and their gifts to create the reality they most desire.


In Conscious Creatorhood, they bring their Intuitive Gifts into their Life,
clearing the path to lead & serve in their Magic.

My Clients Are​

entrepreneurs, educators, healers, intuitives, artists, coaches, creators, community weavers, and builders of the New Earth vision.

Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together
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Already WITHIN, asking YOU to LISTEN.

A Holistic 1:1 Soul Coaching Experience



Shift from externally seeking
to being SO IN LOVE with your WHOLE EXPERIENCE
that you celebrate ALL that YOU ARE.
+ Create your Dream Life
+ Embody your Magic

+ Return to The Source Code
+ Release your Conditioned-Self

+ Build Intimacy, Trust, & Connection
+ Develop your Daily Practices
+ Expand your Community
"Become a conscious creator of your life."
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